Morning Roundup: John Cage—Music As A Visual Art

Manuscript page from John Cage's 'Water Walk'(Photo: courtesy John Cage Trust)
Manuscript page from John Cage's 'Water Walk'(Photo: courtesy John Cage Trust)

John Cage: Music As A Visual Art

“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.” John Cage

Whenever the conductor’s explanation about a piece of music is longer than the music itself, you know your ears are about to work very hard.  Composer John Cage took experimentation to unbelievable lengths.  His manuscripts, held by the Music Division of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, are as much art as they are notation.  (He would take up the visual arts later in life.)  Michael Tilson Thomas teamed with soprano Measha Breuggergosman and the YouTube Symphony to do a little musical spelunking.

Here’s more on the wild world of John Cage

And The Oscar Goes To…

You’ve spent hours, days putting together a great montage of your best photos, or just finished editing your vacation videos into a scintillating montage.  But something’s missing.  Music!  If the only thing standing between you and an acceptance speech is a great soundtrack, check out PICASSO.

Taking A Cultural “Stay-cation”

Many of us can’t afford  to take a vacation right now.  Heck, it’s expensive enough just getting to work.  Apparently, a lot of people are heading indoors this summer.  Attendance at Broadways shows is up for the first time in years.

Broadway’s Bright Outlook

How Good Is Your Favorite Orchestra?

Certain orchestras come to mind when we think of the greats…Berlin Phil, New York Phil, Cleveland, Chicago, it’s a long list.  But many of our oldest orchestras are struggling to survive.  All the while, new ensembles pop up, seemingly every day.  Greg Sandow begins what he plans to make an ongoing discussion.

Greg Sandow on the future of classical music

The Continuing Travails of the NYC Opera

Two years after a $125 million dollar renovation of the space they share with the NYC Ballet, the opera is homeless.

How People’s Opera Orchestrated It’s Peril