The Beautiful Shirley Verrett

It has been said that singers are a dime a dozen. But great singers? Not so much.

Mezzo-soprano Shirley Verrett was one of the greats. She eventually transitioned into soprano roles, transforming the rich depths of her voice into a velvety, caramel-hued spinto of power and grace.

Above, Verrett sings the aria “Vissi d’arte” in the title role in a 1978 Metropolitan Opera production of Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca.


    I watched this today (Feb. 4) but don’t know how long it’s been on the site. Shirley Verrett not only had a terrific voice but at least in this piece acted very competently as Tosca. A lot of opera singers don’t (or didn’t) act the parts they sung nearly as well as Verrett.

    • Jennifer Hambrick

      You viewed the post on the very same day it was published – thank you for checking it out! Yes, Shirley Verrett was a great singer and a great actor. I guess that made her simply great.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video.