The American Sound

America: the land of opportunity, of baseball and apple pie – and great music.

America is home to more than majestic mountains and fruited plains; it’s also home to a uniquely beautiful tradition of classical music, influenced by American folk music, bluegrass and jazz.

The American Sound showcases a variety of the most beautiful, inspiring classical music with an American accent. Each week we’ll explore masterworks by great American composers past and present like Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein and Samuel Barber, and contemporaries Eric Whitacre, Michael Daugherty and John Adams. Plus, we’ll go back to our American roots with George Gershwin’s jazz-inspired music, performances by America’s bluegrass greats and more. Think Bernstein with the Boston Symphony or Bach on a banjo!

We hope you’ll enjoy going Classically American with The American Sound Saturdays from 6–7pm on Classical 101.