The American Sound Honors African American Performers

Soprano Kathleen Battle(Photo: WalkingGeek (Flickr))
Soprano Kathleen Battle(Photo: WalkingGeek (Flickr))

As we continue our celebration of Black History Month on Classical 101, this Saturday at 6 pm The American Sound honors the phenomenal contributions of African American classical performers.

We’ll hear the milky tones of soprano Kathleen Battle in music of George Gershwin, we’ll listen to pianist Andre watts with music of American composer Edward MacDowell and we’ll enjoy Imani Winds’ dazzling performance of a work by the quintet’s flutist, Valerie Coleman. And we’ll blow out the hour with electrifying performances by Joseph Jennings, as he directs and performs as vocal soloist with Chanticleer.

Don’t miss The American Sound Saturday at 6 pm on Classical 101!