Tehran Symphony Orchestra Disbanded

Tehran, Iran(Photo: farrokhi (Flickr))
Tehran, Iran(Photo: farrokhi (Flickr))

The Tehran Symphony Orchestra has been disbanded, according to the Associated Press.

Lack of funds and mounting East-West tensions have been cited as contributing to the demise of the nearly 80-year-old orchestra that had previously survived wars, coups and the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

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  • Dick Davis

    This is very sad. I lived in Iran in the 1970s, when the orchestra really flourished (after the Islamic revolution of 1979 one of its conductors, Loris Tjeknavorian, became a major conductor in Russia and Armenia); it doubled as the orchestra of the Tehran Opera, which put on some wonderful productions (I remember especially a shatteringly moving performance of Mussorsky’s Khovanschina). 
    May the Tehran Symphony Orchestra rise from the ashes in years to come.Dick Davis.