Tchaikovsky and Who? (I’ve Gotta Feelin’ You’re Foolin’)

I’ve known the 5th Symphony of Tchaikovsky for years. Yet I am always surprised when early in the 2nd movement, I hear this:

I always know it’s coming and I’m always surprised. Go figure. Each time I speak about this work the people come and give me the ol’ quizzical “I-know-I know-this-but-what-is-it?” look.

Even I’m too young to know the popular version of Tchaikovsky’s tune. But I had a father who was an amateur big band singer, and this was a highlight of his repertoire

Ray Eberle with Glenn Miller and his orchestra in 1939. And no, Ray Eberle was not my father.

From Tchaikovsky in 1887 to Glenn Miller in 1949. A great tune is a great tune.

Come to the Ohio Theater for this weekend’s Columbus Symphony concerts, Friday and Saturday at 8.  It’s a great program:

Weber    Overture to Oberon and the Dvorak Cello Concerto Op. 104, with Sara Sant’Ambrogio.  Oh yes, and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony 5 in e, Op. 64. Gunter Herbig conducts, always an occasion for great music making.

If ever there were a “popular” program, this is it-never mind Glenn Miller.

Saturday night’s performance is broadcast live on Classical 101

Pre-concert talks on the 4th floor mezzanine at 7-where I’ll tell you the whole story.

P.S. Here’s a bit of Sara, who was once my neighbor in New York. Her father, John Sant’Ambrogio is a Mensch and a regular visitor to the Lancaster Festival: