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Mozart Minute: Mozart and the Baroness

Mozart Minute, a podcast of Classical 101, WOSU Public Media
Mozart Minute, a podcast of Classical 101, WOSU Public Media
January 31, 2014

Did Mozart get the coat he so longed for in Episode One? How much did he have to shell out for it? And who was the Baroness von Waldstaetten, anyway? Find out, in Episode Two of Classical 101′s Mozart Minutes.

Happy Music on The American Sound, 6pm Saturday

black-and-white photograph of a double street sign:
Hear some American music that made one great conductor happy, Saturday, 6 p.m, on The American Sound on classical 101.
30, 2014

We all know that music affects our moods. Beethoven energizes us and Mozart’s music makes us hold our heads a little higher, while if you need to de-stress, the gentle, wafting music of Delius does the trick. Tune in for happy music on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday on Classical 101!

Mozart Minute Podcast: Mozart, Clotheshorse

Mozart Minute, a podcast of Classical 101, WOSU Public Media
Mozart Minute, a podcast of Classical 101, WOSU Public Media
January 27, 2014

If you’re going to be the life of the party, you need the threads to go with it. Mozart knew this.

Majestic Mountains on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday

color photograph of some of Colorado's Rocky Mountains on a sunny day
Hear Charles Denler's "Rocky Mountain Odyssey" on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday on Classical 101.
16, 2014

Mountain tops have long been the proverbial seats of wisdom for philosophers and poets. Scarcely an outdoorsman or -woman can honestly claim not to have heard the siren call of Everest, McKinley or Kilimanjaro. Tune in for great American music inspired by the majesty of mountains, Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound.

Did You Smell That Mozart? Immersive Concerts Tickle the Senses

color photograph of some cooked bacon slices lying on a white paper towel
What if Bach tasted like bacon?
15, 2014

BitterSuite expands the classical music concert experience through tastes, scents and sights.

Want a ‘Recession-Proof’ Investment? Buy a Stradivarius

color photograph of a violin lying in its case
Economic downturn? Not for elite violins.
6, 2013

A recent report claims rare violins have weathered the economic downturn better than other types of investments.

Church Seeks Instruments for Concert Band for the Homeless

color photograph of Shawn Kenney, music director at Columbus' Holy Family Church, sitting on the bench in front of an organ, behind rows of empty chairs set up for a band rehearsal
Shawn Kenney in the band rehearsal room at Holy Family Church
21, 2013

Franklinton’s Holy Family Church may soon become the first Columbus Catholic parish with a concert band aimed at giving homeless people a chance to connect and a reason for hope.

The American Sound Tours U.S. Cities Saturday at 6 pm

color photograph of the tops of some Seattle skyscrapers overlooking the blue waters of Puget Sound
Visit Seattle and other great U.S. cities Saturday, 6 pm, on The American Sound on Classical 101.
14, 2013

What city are you? Join Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick for a musical tour of great American cities, Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound.

Cocktails, Eats, Beethoven, Dvorak and the Columbus Symphony

Gregory Vajda, at the Ohio Theater this Thursday
November 7, 2013

Bring a date-or your mother-to a free concert by the Columbus Symphony, Thursday November 7 at 6.30 in the Ohio Theater. Bar opens at 5.30.

Menotti’s “The Medium”: A Spooky Connection with the Spirit World

31, 2013

Did you hear that? That thing that just went bump in the night? Maybe it’s just the black cat dragging in another wayward trick-or-treater. Or maybe it’s something stirring in the world beyond. This vintage video of the 1948 live TV performance of Menotti’s opera “The Medium” brings the dark side of the spirit world to life on stage.