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Mozart Minute: Wolfgang the Wunderkind Takes Down the Naysayers

portrait of Mozart wearing a bright red coat
Catch The Mozart Minute Fridays at noon during the Amadeus Deli, and listen to the podcast at wosu.org/podcasts.
March 28, 2014

Even today, more than 200 years after Mozart’s death, his astonishing genius is still difficult to believe. Imagine encountering Mozart the boy wonder in a world that had never, well, seen a Mozart.

Mozart Minute: The English Mozart

Catch "The Mozart Minute" Fridays at noon during the Amadeus Deli on Classical 101, and listen to the podcast at wosu.org/podcasts.
March 14, 2014

Thomas Linley and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were both born in 1756. Both were musical prodigies. They led similar lives, but their fates could not have been more different.

Double Mozart on Symphony @ 7 For His Birthday

27, 2014

Undeniably one of the greatest composers who ever lived, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on this date in 1756. It is still a miracle when we consider the astonishing quality of music he left us, all written in the brief 35 years he had on this earth. And there was plenty of it, too.

Music Can be Both Cause and Cure for What Ails You

16, 2013

Does Mozart make you smarter? Maybe or maybe not…but he and others apparently DO help you concentrate.

ProMusica Summer Music Series Finale

Franklin Park Conservatory
Franklin Park Conservatory - home of ProMusica Chamber Orchestra's Summer Music Series
6, 2013

A free concert by ProMusica Chamber Orchestra takes place in Franklin Park Conservatory’s Grand Mallway gardens Wednesday, August 7. All ages are welcome. Free activities for children one hour before the performance.

Mozart’s Instruments Come To America

Roger Williams piano
Roger Williams' piano. Williams' recording of Autumn Leaves is the only piano instrumental to make it to number one on the charts.
24, 2013

Iconic instruments travel to America

A musical toast to the Top Ten Classical Mothers

8, 2013

Haydn’s father would play the harp, while iss mother sang the melodies.

Why Did Rossini Take Early Retirement From Writing Operas?

A caricature of composer Gioachino Rossini from Le Hanneton, a satirical magazine of the era.
July 7, 2011

Rossini Retired When Most are Just Hitting Their Stride, American Ballet Theatre to Perform in Oman,

Saturday Opera: The Young Pavarotti Sings Mozart’s Idomeneo

Idomeneo, recorded at the Glyndebourne Festival in 1964
The 1964 Glyndebourne Festival production of Mozart's Idomeneo, released for the first time.
June 25, 2011

Tune in to Saturday on Stage (“Opera and More”) this Saturday at 1.30 for Mozart’s opera seria Idomeneo, complete with a sea monster and the young Luciano Pavarotti

How Mozart Got Stiffed: The Story of Les petits riens

posed photograph of Baroque dancers
How dancers might have looked in Mozart's day.
22, 2011

Here’s some fun video of the choreography for Mozart’s only ballet, Les petits riens. The choreography got rave reviews from the Parisians. Too bad Mozart was neither listed in the program nor paid for his music.