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A Call for Peace on The American Sound

25, 2014

Persian-Jewish-American composer Richard Danielpour’s oratorio “Toward a Season of Peace” brings together a multiplicity of languages and cultures in a single, harmonious musical work of grand proportions, as though to symbolize the possibility of bringing diverse peoples, ideas and customs into a peaceable union.

Voices Sung and Unsung on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday

Color photograph of a choir practicing in an English cathedral.  The members of the choir, viewed from the back, are wearing red cassocks.
Singing - with voices and on instruments - on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday
9, 2014

It’s an impulse as primal as eating, sleeping and watching Downton Abbey. Singing frees our deepest, truest emotions in melodies that transport words beyond themselves and into the ears and hearts of all who hear them.