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Successful? Attempts to Tame Obnoxious Plastic “Instrument”

A man outside a pub in London, England (2010) playing the vuvuzela.
A man outside a pub in London, England (2010) playing the vuvuzela - that rather obnoxious sounding instrument typically found at European soccer games.
4, 2011

That obnoxious instrument you heard at the World Cup? That was the vuvuzela. Alison Balsom inspired this post, after taming the “instrument.”

Canadian Brass Camp

Canadian Brass performance.
The Canadian Brass performs at J&R's Summerfest 2007 in City Hall Park, New York, New York.
28, 2011

Learn a brass instrument from the best; Canadian Brass is offering its first ever brass band camp.

Alison Balsom Offers Some Late Night Classical Music

Alison Balson with trumpet.
English trumpet soloist Alison Balsom.
14, 2010

With appearances on Late Show with David Letterman, a new album and documentary, the trumpet solist Alison Balsom is making classical music more glamorous and accessible.