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Lakes, Filling Stations and More on Saturday’s The American Sound

Black-an-white photograph of an old-time gas station.
Tune in to hear music from Virgil Thomson's ballet "Filling Station" on The American Sound, Saturday at 6pm on Classical 101.
4, 2013

This Saturday at 6 p.m. The American Sound features music to bring out the poetry all around us.

A Cowboy and The Ladies on The American Sound, 6pm Saturday

28, 2013

Hear a rhapsodic Cowboy and three of the wold’s finest women classical musicians Saturday at 6pm on The American Sound on Classical 101.

Mischievous Music Saturday on The American Sound

Color photograph of a red-and-white
Hear music that does things the "wrong way" Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound.
14, 2013

If you were ever a mischievous little kid, then you know that doing something “wrong” can feel pretty good – at least until the proverbial boom gets lowered on your proverbial rascally self. Tune in to The American Sound Saturday at 6pm for fun and beautiful musical works that do things the “wrong” way – and get away with it!

The American Sound Celebrates Black Composers Saturday at 6pm

21, 2013

The glories of the Harlem Renaissance and the riches of African cultural traditions find voice on The American Sound this Saturday evening on Classical 101.

Blues, Rags and All That Jazz Saturday on The American Sound

photograph of the Eiffel Tower at night, all lit up
The Eiffel Tower
14, 2013

Join Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick Saturday at 6pm for a special edition of The American Sound that will have your toes tapping and your ears saying “Oh la la!”

The American Sound Honors African American Performers

photograph of the cover of Kathleen Battle's recording
Soprano Kathleen Battle
8, 2013

To celebrate Black History Month, join Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick for gorgeous, refined and elecrifying performances by African American classical musicians this Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound.

Sounds of The Big Apple Saturday on The American Sound

black-and-white photo of the Brooklyn Bridge leading to Manhattan
The Brooklyn Bridge - one of New York City's icons - leads gracefully across the East River to Manhattan.
24, 2013

There’s nothing like seeing Lincoln Center all dolled up at night or walking through Central Park on a slightly chilly autumn Saturday morning. And there’s nothing like the city’s rich traditions in classical music and jazz. Join Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick for a program of music inspired by NYC this Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound.

The American Sound Premieres 6 p.m. Saturday on Classical 101

color photograph of the Statue of Liberty
Classically American: The Statue of Liberty
4, 2013

Join Jennifer Hambrick Saturday, January 5 at 6 p.m. for the premiere of The American Sound on Classical 101.