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Tubas Taste Bitter: Researchers Find Link Between Sound and Flavor

color photograph of two white china cups of coffee sitting on a brown wooden table
Coffee pairs nicely with "Nessun dorma," according to an Oxford University researcher who has found a link between flavor and sound.
26, 2014

Coffee pairs nicely with “Nessun dorma.” Researchers say they’ve found a link between music and how we perceive flavors in food.

Colors in Music @ Columbus Museum of Art this Saturday

PMCO poster
ProMusica and the Columbus Museum of Art paint musica pictures this Saturday.
March 5, 2014

Musical art this Saturday with ProMusica Chamber Orchestra at the Columbus Museum of Art.

Did You Smell That Mozart? Immersive Concerts Tickle the Senses

color photograph of some cooked bacon slices lying on a white paper towel
What if Bach tasted like bacon?
15, 2014

BitterSuite expands the classical music concert experience through tastes, scents and sights.