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The Five Browns Go Spelunking with a Steinway

Five Browns desert
Have Piano...Will Travel - The Five Browns
26, 2014

This is the reason itinerant musicians played smaller instruments.

Historic Trondlin Fortepiano Lives in Worthington

Tröndlin Fortepiano
A Tröndlin Fortepiano, built in the early 1800's, can be seen at the Orange Johnson House in Worthington.
12, 2014

When Ben Wiant was asked why he invests so much time and energy into saving one instrument, he says it is because they are irreplaceable. Even when instruments are painstakingly reproduced, they sound different, because they are different.

The Piano Whisperer: Local Piano Restorer Calms Cranky Keyboards

photograph of Benjamin wiant sitting at a piano keyboard and reaching into the piano with right hand
Columbus piano technician and rebuilder Benjamin Wiant touches up a Steinway grand piano.
September 28, 2011

Columbus piano technician and restorer Benjamin Wiant steps out from behind many of the city’s finest concert pianos.