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Getting Music Out of the Concert Hall

11, 2012

The Challenge of New Music in New Places; Plight of the Page Turner; Peter Nero Next Casualty in Philly?

Philadelphia Orchestra Could Soon Emerge from Bankruptcy

29, 2012

Philadelphia Orchestra could soon emerge from bankruptcy; Struggling Arts organizations might find answers by going south…WAY south

Growing Up in Musical Columbus: An Open Letter

photogrpah of the Columbus, Ohio, skyline at night.
Happy 200th birthday, Columbus!
February 14, 2012

Dear Columbus, You are 200 years old today. As one of your natives, I wished to mark this auspicious occasion with a few recollections and words of gratitude for the musical life I found in you during my tender years. Those years were rich with opportunities to learn and grow in your vibrant musical life. [...]

Crying Child Brings Dayton Philharmonic Concert to a Halt

27, 2012

Disturbance causes another conductor to stop mid-performance; Philadelphia has new conductor…new recording contract

Critics ‘Tut Tut’ Soprano for…Smiling

Anna Netrebko in Anna Bolena
7, 2011

Reaction to Ovation Breaks Character-Ruins the Moment, Critics Say Soprano Anna Netrebko was singing the incredibly difficult title role in Donizetti’s Anna Bolena. The final scene begins with the aria “Al dolce guidami,” its final note slowly diminishing to nothing. The audience exploded in cheers that went on far longer than is usual at the [...]

Nigel Kennedy: Fellow Violinists Destroying Bach’s Legacy

Violinist Nigel Kennedy says other violinists are destroying Bach's legacy.
15, 2011

Monday Morning Round-up: Nigel Kennedy accuses fellow violinists of destroying Bach’s legacy, have virtuosos become a dime-a-dozen? and departures at the Philadelphia Orchestra threaten the “Philadelphia Sound”

Dvorak’s Great-Grandson, Josef Suk, Dies At 81

Josef Suk conducting the Suk Chamber Orchestra in a 2000 concert.
Josef Suk conducting the Suk Chamber Orchestra in a 2000 concert.
11, 2011

Josef Suk, know in many music circles as a stellar interpreter of his great-grandfather Antonin Dvorak’s Violin Concerto and chamber works has died after a lengthy illness.

Breathing New Life Into the Philadelphia Orchestra

The Philadelphia Orchestra on stage
Area philanthropists have been stepping up to support the Philadelphia Orchestra as it prepares to reorganize in bankruptcy court.
27, 2011

In this week’s Monday morning round-up: breathing life Into the Philadelphia Orchestra, musicians work to decipher Romania’s baroque past and magazine Art in America gives away free art with every purchase!

Morning Roundup: Should Orchestra Programs Be Made By Committee?

Ormandy drawing
A drawing by Alfred Bendiner of Philadelphia Orchestra Music Director Eugene Ormandy and symphony musicians, ca. 1952.
14, 2011

Today’s Classical Headlines: the Philadelphia Orchestra’s strategic plan raises some eyebrows, more on orchestra contract negotiations in Pittsburgh and Montreal, and is Pierre Boulez a hero or a villain?

Take Our Quiz: How Is Eugene Ormandy Related to Yogi Berra?

a caricature of yogi berra
Eugene Ormandy and Yogi Berra both expressed themselves in colorful, if not always quite accurate, ways.
June 7, 2011

Eugene Ormandy is best remembered for his 42-year run as conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, but unless you are a musician you may not know of another aspect of Ormandy…the creative way in which he expressed himself verbally, not unlike baseball great Yogi Berra.