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Blind Opera Singer’s Memoir Reveals Blind Spot in All of Us

17, 2012

Some people might say it’s impossible for blind people to sing professionally on the operatic stage. But those people don’t know Laurie Rubin. The mezzo-soprano’s recent memoir is as disarming as it it charming.

Berlioz Funk: A Hip Staging of Les Troyens

12, 2011

I love it when production designers make old operas look mod and funky. Along those lines, here’s the Royal Hunt and Storm scene from a funky Dutch production of Act IV of Berlioz’s opera Les Troyens. Here’s the set-up: The Trojans have arrived in Carthage by way of the fabled Trojan horse. Didon, queen of [...]

Politics on Stage, or Fox News Has Nothing on THIS!

...already an opera
September 26, 2011

What political story would make the best opera? Vietnam? JFK? The 2000 elections?