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Mozart Minute: Mozart’s Wordsmith

color portrait of Mozart wearing a bright red coat
Catch The Mozart Minute every Friday at noon during the Amadeus Deli, and listen to the podcast at wosu.org/podcasts.
May 30, 2014

In this episode of The Mozart Minute, we meet the librettist for Mozart’s most inspired operas.

Opera, Football Team Up To Help Autistic Teens

22, 2014

Ex Houston Oiler Larry Harris now sings opera and teaches kids with autism how to speak.

Opera Company Offers High-Tech Opera Supertitles via Google Glass

color photograph of a set of Google Glass(es) resting on a table
The screen for your opera supertitles could be in your Glass(es).
20, 2014

New York City-based On Site Opera experiments with Figaro Systems software to deliver opera supertitles straight to your Google Glass “eyewear.”

Mozart Minute Podcast: Mozart Is Bored

Catch "The Mozart Minute" Fridays at noon during the Amadeus Deli on Classical 101, and listen to the podcast at wosu.org/podcasts.
February 28, 2014

Mozart obviously loved to compose. Except when he didn’t.

Mozart Minute: Papageno Pranks

Catch The Mozart Minute Fridays at noon during the Amadeus Deli on Classical 101, and listen to the podcast at wosu.org/podcasts.
February 7, 2014

It is no secret that Mozart enjoyed a good joke now and then.

A letter he wrote in October 1791 from Vienna to his wife Constanza tells of high jinx he brought about at a performance of his own Singspiel, The Magic Flute.

Menotti’s “The Medium”: A Spooky Connection with the Spirit World

31, 2013

Did you hear that? That thing that just went bump in the night? Maybe it’s just the black cat dragging in another wayward trick-or-treater. Or maybe it’s something stirring in the world beyond. This vintage video of the 1948 live TV performance of Menotti’s opera “The Medium” brings the dark side of the spirit world to life on stage.

Mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard Wins “Heisman Trophy” of Opera

18, 2013

Isabel Leonard joins the ranks of soprano Renee Fleming, mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato and other opera elites in winning the 2013 Richard Tucker Award.

“Twitter War” Yields “Financial Opera”

Screen shot of the Twitter page of Estonian president Toomas Ilves.
Tweets by Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves were the inspiration for Scott Diel and Eugene Birman's new cantata, Nostra Culpa.
19, 2013

What has been called a “Twitter war” between a New York Times columnist and the president of Estonia over the Estonian government’s economic austerity measures has prompted the creation of a new cantata, to premiere next month in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn.

Blind Opera Singer’s Memoir Reveals Blind Spot in All of Us

17, 2012

Some people might say it’s impossible for blind people to sing professionally on the operatic stage. But those people don’t know Laurie Rubin. The mezzo-soprano’s recent memoir is as disarming as it it charming.

Berlioz Funk: A Hip Staging of Les Troyens

12, 2011

I love it when production designers make old operas look mod and funky. Along those lines, here’s the Royal Hunt and Storm scene from a funky Dutch production of Act IV of Berlioz’s opera Les Troyens. Here’s the set-up: The Trojans have arrived in Carthage by way of the fabled Trojan horse. Didon, queen of [...]