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Early Classical Music LP Producer Howard Scott Dies at 92

9, 2012

Howard H. Scott, the classical music recording producer who produced Glenn Gould’s 1955 recording of Bach’s”Goldberg” Variations and recorded virtually every major U.S. orchestra, has died at 92.

Cell Phone Owner Wracked By Insomnia Days After Concert Calamity

photograph of a cell phone
Cell phones and concerts often don't mix
13, 2012

You may have seen coverage of a recent New York Philharmonic concert at which conductor Alan Gilbert halted the performance and the audience nearly turned into a mob when a cell phone started ringing during the final otherworldly moments of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony. The owner of the errant cell phone has now told the New [...]

Harpsichord Meets iPad In NY Philharmonic Concerts

photograph of an iPad displaying a page of music from the sore of Faure's Requiem
The new look of conductor's scores
January 10, 2012

The saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. But a photo that ran recently in the New York Times paints something more like a multi-tomed history of art music. The photo, which accompanied a story about pianist-conductor Jeffrey Kahane’s recent performances with the New York Philharmonic, shows Kahane conducting from the harpsichord with the [...]

Andrew Kazdin Brought Music to Life

Recording equipment
Sound Recording Equipment, circa 1941
1, 2011

Andrew Kazdin combined engineering with his love of music to make Columbia Records a classical music giant

For 9/11: John Adams, On the Transmigration of Souls

On the Transmigration of Souls. Loren Maazel conducts the New York Philharmonic, New York Choral artists and Brooklyn Boy's Choir.
September 11, 2011

On the Transmigration of Souls was written for the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It was a co- comissison with Lincoln Center and the New York Philharmonic

New York Phil To Help Train Chinese Orchestral Musicians

photo of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra performing in a concert hall
The next great "American" orchestra? Meet the Shanghai Symphony.
17, 2011

Thanks to a newly formed partnership between the New York Philharmonic and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, China could be the next big player on the Western orchestral scene

Morning Roundup: John Cage—Music As A Visual Art

Cage 2
Manuscript page from John Cage's 'Water Walk'
16, 2011

John Cage: Music As A Visual Art, Music makes it better: giving your on line slideshows some pop, A resurgence on Broadway, How good is YOUR orchestra?

Would You Be Disappointed By A Concert of “Pretty Music?”

program autographed by Anne-Sophie Mutter
A recent NY Times review of a concert by Anne-Sophie Mutter lambasted the violinist for performing a program of nothing but "pretty music"
7, 2011

Anne-Sophie Mutter is lambasted for performing “pretty” music. Is there anything wrong with a concert of purely “pretty music” once in a while? Discuss.

Classical Headlines: New York Philharmonic on the Move (Maybe)

Jason Weinberger conducts
Jason Weinberger, resident conductor of the Louisville Orchestra. The orchestra is a focus this week of positive stories as it plans to emerge from bankruptcy.
2, 2011

Todays classical headlines include more on the musical journey out of bankruptcy for the Louisville Orchestra, a (possible) temporary home for the New York Philharmonic and last-minute cancellations on the Met’s upcoming tour of Japan.

Carnegie Hall 120th Anniversary Concert on PBS Great Performances

the exterior of new york's carnegie hall
New York's Carnegie Hall celebrates its 120th anniversary this year.
31, 2011

Great Performances presents a gala concert by the New York Philharmonic celebrating the 120th anniversary of New York’s Carnegie Hall tonight (Tuesday, May 31) at 8 pm on WOSU TV.