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Mozart Minute Podcast: Mozart’s Fiancee

Catch "The Mozart Minute" Fridays at noon during the Amadeus Deli on Classical 101, and listen to the podcast at
February 14, 2014

In this episode of Classical 101′s “Mozart Minutes” podcast, Mozart says his fiancee is “far from beautiful,” has “no wit” and “understands housekeeping.” Must be love!

Mozart Minute: Papageno Pranks

Catch The Mozart Minute Fridays at noon during the Amadeus Deli on Classical 101, and listen to the podcast at
February 7, 2014

It is no secret that Mozart enjoyed a good joke now and then.

A letter he wrote in October 1791 from Vienna to his wife Constanza tells of high jinx he brought about at a performance of his own Singspiel, The Magic Flute.

Mozart Minute: Mozart and the Baroness

Mozart Minute, a podcast of Classical 101, WOSU Public Media
Mozart Minute, a podcast of Classical 101, WOSU Public Media
January 31, 2014

Did Mozart get the coat he so longed for in Episode One? How much did he have to shell out for it? And who was the Baroness von Waldstaetten, anyway? Find out, in Episode Two of Classical 101′s Mozart Minutes.

“In Ten Years, Nobody Will Listen to Classical Music”

15, 2014

If you know how to get kids to love music, give me a call

21 Years in the Making, Brahms’ First on Symphony @ 7

12, 2013

So aware was Johannes Brahms of Beethoven’s spirit looking over his shoulder, it took him a very long time to get around to completing a first symphony. In fact he was 43 when Symphony No. 1 in C minor premiered in 1876. Three other major works for orchestra had already appeared before the First Symphony: Serenades 1 and 2 (1857 and 1859) and the First Piano Concerto (1858).

Columbus Symphony this Weekend: Fathers and Sons

mozart family
The Mozart family c. 1780. The deceased Anna Maria's portrait on the wall
October 31, 2013

The Columbus Symphony performs music by Rossini, Silvestrov, Haydn and Mozart father and son, this weekend at the Southern Theater. James Sommerville plays and conducts

What Would Mozart Be Doing If He Were Alive Today?

color photograph of a plastic Mozart toy in a red-coat sitting on a laptop keyboard
If Mozart were alive today, where would he be and what would he be doing?
14, 2013

If Mozart were alive today, I think he’d be a hipster. I think he’d listen to This American Life on his iPhone while working on his next masterpiece at the iPad set up on the drafting board in his urban loft condo with the exposed brick walls.

From Mozart to “Amelie” on Next Fretworks

Amelie poster
Amelie poster
July 11, 2013

Sounds of the classical guitar can be heard in a variety of settings in music of Mozart, J.S. Bach, Issac Albeniz and Yann Tiersen on the next Fretworks Saturday evening at 7 p.m. on Classical 101.

Prince Fielder Chose Mozart. What’s Your At-Bat Music?

color photograph of Detroit Tigers hitter Prince Fielder swinging his bat
Detroit Tigers hitter Prince Fielder chose Mozart's Requiem as his at-bat music last Thursday.
30, 2013

Last Thursday, Detroit Tigers hitter Prince Fielder chose Mozart’s requiem as his at-bat music. If you could choose at-bat music – music that tells the world something about how you’re going to play the game, largely construed – what would you choose?

Mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard Wins “Heisman Trophy” of Opera

18, 2013

Isabel Leonard joins the ranks of soprano Renee Fleming, mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato and other opera elites in winning the 2013 Richard Tucker Award.