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Monumental Music for President’s Day on Symphony @ 7

Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
February 17, 2014

This evening on Symphony @ 7 for President’s Day, we have a work inspired by the monumental sculpture of four American presidents carved into the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Mount Rushmore by Michael Daugherty is a dramatic oratorio from 2010 for chorus and orchestra, and we’ll have a recent recording with the Pacific Symphony and [...]

Who’s listening to contemporary music?

13, 2013

Someone who composes with no consideration of their audience can’t reasonably be surprised or disappointed when they don’t have one.

Programming Classical Music for a New Audience, Pt. 2

17, 2012

Classical music to reflect our times; When choirboys grow up; Gustavo Dudamel says music making has a huge impact upon children’s lives

Great Recordings: Boyce’s Choices for 2009

Boyce reviews the best of 2009
22, 2009

Boyce reviews his Top 10 new CDs of 2009, including some homegrown recordings.