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Who Gets to Decide What’s Fun in Live Classical Music? You Do.

25, 2014

In the wake of last weekend’s “Messiah” crowd surfing incident, Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick asks, how far can we stretch the traditional classical music concert to allow for different, or even unique, kinds of musical experiences, and how much do we need to?

What’s the Next Unusual Venue for Classical Music Concerts?

color photograph of the inside of a dentist's office, with reclining dentist's chair, counters on either side of the room, and other dental equipment,
Live classical music - a new kind of "dentist's office music"?
5, 2014

Fascinated by the trend of live classical music performances taking place in unusual places, Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick asks, Where else fresh, unusual, innovative could live classical music pop-up concerts, well, pop up?