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Itzhak Perlman Accompanies – A Tuba? Your Monday Muppet Moment

3, 2013

Itzhak Perlman, a comedian? He was on Sesame Street.

Who’s the next Peter Schickele?

26, 2013

Peter Schickele, whom most of us know better in the rumpled persona of P.D.Q. Bach, has been focusing on his “serious music” of late. With that in mind, The Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians is hosting a contest for lies.

Next Fretworks: Bach on 8-String Guitar and Dvorak for 4 Mandolins

Paul Galbraith In Practice
Paul Galbraith In Practice
February 9, 2013

This week, we’ll hear Bach played on an unusual 8-string guitar by Paul Galbraith as well as the Modern Mandolin Quartet and guitarist John Williams.

Los Romeros and Music for Baroque Guitar on Next Fretworks

The guitar player (c. 1672, by Vermeer
The guitar player (c. 1672, by Vermeer
January 18, 2013

Saturday evening on Fretworks will feature the great Spanish guitar quartet Los Romeros with music of Vivaldi and Manuel de Falla, and we’ll have music of the 17th century by Francesco Corbetta for Baroque guitar in the mix. Listen at 7 pm on Classical 101.

A New Program for the Classical Guitar: Fretworks

4, 2013

The six-string classical guitar, an instrument beguiling and lovely in its soft and intimate tones, and exuberant and lively in more outgoing music.  In the hands of  one with great skill and artistry, the guitar can express many moods in a surprising variety of tone colors.  Andres Segovia, one of its greatest practitioners, called the [...]

Legendary Classical Guitarist Andres Segovia

Youtube video still of Andres Segovia playing guitar.
The legendary guitarist, Andres Segovia played and taught guitar up until his death in 1987.
February 18, 2011

Legendary guitarist Andres Segovia transformed the guitar into a classical music instrument.

Ann Hobson Pilot Retires from the Boston Symphony

Ann Hobson Pilot CD cover
Hobson Pilot: "I wanted people to see an African American woman playing classical music."
September 29, 2009

Ann Hobson Pilot was radiant on the stage of Symphony Hall, Boston; She is retiring after a long and very distinguished tenure as principal harp of the Boston Symphony.

John Williams Wants To Be Thought Of As A Serious Composer

John Williams
John Williams
16, 2006

Boyce Lancaster talks with Maestro Albert-George Schram, the resident staff conductor of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, about John Williams, who left the Boston Pops and has become synonymous with George Lucas and Stephan Spielberg movies.

Making Music That Lasts, Part 2

Classical Audience
Pops concerts are among the best attended of any symphony performances.
9, 2006

Boyce Lancaster talks with Maestro Albert-George Schram, former staff conductor of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, about making music that lasts. Schram confesses that what he thinks is profound music may not correspond to audiences’ expectations, and that sometimes orchestras need to supply escapism.