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Rodrigo’s “Fantasia para un gentilhombre” on Next Fretworks

14, 2013

As it turns out, our next Fretworks broadcast Saturday evening at 7 will bring us music from Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Italy and England, with the centerpiece for the hour, Joaquin Rodrigo’s popular and very enjoyable Fantasia par un gentilhombre.

Pumpkin Music Saturday at 6pm on The American Sound

color photograph of orange, green, and white pumpkins
Tune in to hear a pumpkin fugue Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound on Classical 101.
October 3, 2013

Eleven months of the year, the pumpkin languishes in relative obscurity, But come October, it’s all about Jack o’ lanterns, roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie. Join Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick for music for pumpkin season Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound.

Cavatina by Stanley Myers on Fretworks

19, 2013

Join us Saturday evening at 7 p.m. for music of the classical guitar on Fretworks on Classical 101, with music ranging from Antonio Vivaldi and Nicolo Paganini, to Astor Piazzolla, Alexander Tansman and Stanley Myers.

From Ancient Airs and Dances to West Side Story on Fretworks

5, 2013

Saturday at 7pm on Fretworks, we have music ranging from the 16th century to the 1950′s, and a few other stops along the way.

“Concerto of the South” by Ponce on Next Fretworks

22, 2013

Mexican composer Manuel Ponce wrote a fine guitar concerto for Andreas Segovia in 1941, using his own original theme and native Mexican rhythms and harmonies. The Concierto del Su by Manuel Ponce will be featured on Fretworks Saturday evening between 7 and 8 p.m.

At 72, Guitarist John Williams Plans to Retire Soon

19, 2013

It’s being reported that Classical guitarist John Williams, who is 72, plans to retire soon. Apparently, he has not made an official announcement yet, but I am a little surprised to hear the news since he is still playing at such a high level.

Dvorak for Mandolins and Schubert for Guitar on Next Fretworks

6, 2013

Fretworks, our weekly program for music for the classical guitar, will feature several unique arrangements for the next broadcast on Saturday evening at 7 pm here on Classical 101. Czech composer Antonin Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances have long been popular in their orchestral version, but we have one of them arranged for the Toulouse Mandolin Ensemble [...]

Nicola Benedetti: Tiny Desk Concert

26, 2013

Watch the young violinist spin out music by John Williams and Bach in sweet and soulful tendrils of sound. Wielding a 1717 Gariel Strad worth $10 million, Benedetti performs with warmth and approachable grace that’s simply enchanting.

Music from England, France, Germany, and Italy on Next Fretworks

11, 2013

On the next Fretworks broadcast Saturday evening at 7, we will feature music from England, France, Germany and Italy as a part of “International Guitar Month.”

Mozart, Mandolins, and Debussy on Next Fretworks

Different types of Mandolins
Different types of Mandolins
March 28, 2013

The next Fretworks broadcast Saturday evening at 7 features Mozart, mandolins, and Debussy in the mix.  We will stray a little from the standard classical guitar repertoire with Fidium Concentus, a mandolin orchestra, playing music of 18th Century German composer Carl Stamitz.