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J.S. Bach’s Great Jazz Riff

19, 2013

Jeremy Denk calls the Bach Goldberg Variations, “maniacal, in the best way” and refers to the piece as “the biggest jazz riff ever written.”

Handel Concerto With Guitar on Fretworks Saturday Evening

17, 2013

On the Next Fretworks broadcast Saturday evening at 7 on Classical 101, we will have a concerto by Handel arranged for guitar, a guitar quintet by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, lute music of J. S. Bach played on the lute, and an opera overture performed with guitar and piano.

A Conversation with Bach

9, 2013

If Dmitri Shostakovich ran into J.S. Bach at a cocktail party…would they have anything to talk about? Yes!

Glenn Gould on Canada Day

1, 2013

For this Canada Day, some great music from Canada’s most famous classical artist, Glenn Goul.

Beyond the Goldbergs

30, 2013

“I love the idea that a song by Billie Holiday can speak to a song by Purcell, and that each one can influence the way we hear the other.”

ProMusica Fills St. Turibius Chapel With Baroque Music Saturday

26, 2013

Coming off of a fabulous weekend of performances featuring Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and a world premiere by Aaron Jay Kernis, you’d think ProMusica Chamber Orchestra would be taking a break this weekend. You would be wrong!

What’s better than one Brandenburg Concerto? Six!

8, 2013

The Margrave of Brandenburg never heard the six Brandenburg Concertos sent to him by J.S. Bach.  Many surmise it was because he didn’t have musicians up to the task.  What a waste to have these marvelous works of art gathering dust on a library shelf! A friend of mine wrote recently about a trip he [...]

Music for Reflection and Peace: Bach Solo Cello Suites

Johann Sebastian Bach in 1748
Johann Sebastian Bach in 1748
December 14, 2012

As we approach the Christmas holiday, many of us are caught up in hurrying and scurrying to get everything done that needs to be done before we can finally relax.  If you need a rest, and you want a break from the traditional Christmas music playing everywhere, in every store and even blaring from sound [...]

Getting a Handel On Your Groceries

11, 2012

Handel flash mob in London supermarket; How much is a world-class orchestra worth? Glenn Gould’s classic Goldberg Variations

Electronic (De)Composer Damian Catera Rocks Bach

head shot of Damian Catera
Electroacoustic "decomposer" Damian Catera offers a new take on Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier
January 25, 2012

Just for a moment, imagine some of Bach’s harpsichord music, maybe an upbeat prelude or fugue from his Well-Tempered Clavier. Hear the soft yet steely twang of he harpsichord as it weaves a tapestry of never-ending melodies. Now, take a listen to electroacoustic composer Damian Catera‘s take on Bach in a promo featuring selections from [...]