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From Bach to Stravinsky on Next Fretworks

9, 2014

The next Fretworks program airing Saturday evening at 7 pm and Wednesday evening at 7 will feature guitar arrangements for music of Bach and Stravinsky, as well as solo guitar pieces by Isaac Albeniz and Miguel Llobet.

Happy Birthday to Stravinsky With Gorgeous Photos From His Ballets

17, 2014

Take a look at Life Magazine photographer Gjon Mili’s stunning photographs of Stravinsky ballets danced by the New York City Ballet.

Was Ravel’s Music any Good?

13, 2014

Stravinsky characterized Maurice Ravel as “a Swiss watchmaker.” His music was precise, intricate, and assembled in a fastidious manner.

14-Year-Old Guitarist Rocks Vivaldi

14, 2013

A young guitarist who is comfortable playing everything from Vivaldi and Carulli to Van Halen appears to have a bright musical future ahead.

Igor Stravinsky’s ‘Rite Of Spring’ Counterrevolution

After his shocking ballet, The Rite of Spring, Igor Stravinsky branched out in surprising directions.
27, 2013

Not long after his shocking ballet, the composer branched out into a broad range of styles, ushering in new musical trends far from the violent tone of his iconic Rite of Spring.

Could the Rite of Spring happen today?

7, 2013

While I am not advocating a riot, throwing a punch, or even booing, I do wonder if we are a bit TOO polite – not just when we don’t like something, but even when we DO.

100 Years Later, Igor Stravinsky Still Rocks The House

30, 2013

Though the composer may no longer live, the music does…and when musicians begin to unlock what has been written, the music becomes a living, breathing entity, communicating across cultures and times to speak to us.

Getting It Rite: Re-Choreographing “The Rite of Spring”

9, 2013

In the year marking the 100th anniversary of the premiere of The Rite of Spring, contemporary choreographers are showing that the The Rite of Spring’s iconoclastic spirit and high-octane music inspire cutting-edge creativity that carries dance forward into new terrain.

Cincinnati Ballet Performs “The Rite of Spring” This Weekend

13, 2012

Above: The Cincinnati Ballet performs an excerpt from Adam Hougland’s The Rite of Spring and Hougland talks about Stravinsky’s music for the ballet. It’s the ballet that once brought grown men to fisticuffs. Its music, it has been said, “baffles verbal description.” The Rite of Spring is quite possibly the twentieth century’s most notorious ballet, [...]

Dancing Pulcinella

27, 2011

What do you get when you put a clown, his girlfriend, a couple of lovesick girls, a sorcerer and a neighborhood of other oddballs in the same bag – and shake? You get the ballet Pulcinella, that masterpiece of old wine in new bottles that was the lovechild of no less than Igor Stravinsky, Pablo [...]