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How Beethoven Continues to Inspire Rapper Drumma Boy

photograph of a microphone lying on its side, with cord snaking behind it
Beethoven and Bach remain big influences on hip-hop star Drumma Boy.
February 2, 2012

Christopher James Gholson, aka Drumma Boy, has made a name for himself as one of today’s most popular hip-hop artists. In a recent story in the Huffington Post, he told the world that his own musical style remains influenced equally powerfully by classical music and by the African-American culture of his native Memphis, Tenn. From [...]

Mourad Merzouki: What Would Fiddy (or for that matter, Franz) Say?

Dancer/Choreographer Mourad Merzouki
Dancer/choreographer Mourad Merzouki's finds many similarities between boxing and dancing.
11, 2011

Choreographer Mourad Merzouki combines boxing and hip-hop dance moves with classical music in his new work Boxe Boxe.

Classical Hip Hop Group Black Violin

Wil B plays violin.
Wil B in a live performance with Black Violin in 2010.
9, 2011

Wil B and Kev Marcus, the classical hip-hop artists behind Black Violin.