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Hot Summer Sounds on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday

color photo of an old red barn along the side of a curving two-lane road ith double yellow line down the middle.  THE backdrop is a green field and a blue summer sky.
The American Sound welcomes you to an American Summer, 6 pm Saturday on classical 101.
19, 2014

Top celebrate the official arrival of summer, this Saturday on The American Sound Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick brings you summer music that won’t have you dreaming of ice floes.

American Heat Wave Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound

color photo of two brown cows standing shoulder deep in light brown water
Cows cooling off. It's music for a summer heat wave Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound on Classical 101.
July 18, 2013

You knew it would come sooner or later. And here it is. The heat has arrived in central Ohio. Join Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick Saturday at 6 pm for “American Heat Wave” on The American Sound.