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Programming Classical Music for a New Audience, Pt. 2

17, 2012

Classical music to reflect our times; When choirboys grow up; Gustavo Dudamel says music making has a huge impact upon children’s lives

Is Hugo Chavez Using El Sistema to Burnish his Image?

Gabriela Montero wrote Ex Patria, denouncing the Chávez government
21, 2012

Some Musicians Say Hugo Chavez’s Embracing of El Sistema Sullies It El Sistema was founded in 1975 by Jose Antonio Abreu, a musician, economist and former cabinet minister.    Mr. Abreu used music to pull hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged you off the streets of Venezuela and into practice rooms and performance spaces. Gabriela Montero, a [...]

The Grammy Winner You May Never See in Stores

Not available in stores...
February 14, 2012

L.A. Philharmonic contract may make recording too expensive to release on CD; A Classical Music Rock Star Shows Us the Way to Build Audience; Change is the Only Constant in Marketing the Arts

Cleveland Orch Expands Its Outreach to Miami…Florida

Cleveland Orchestra at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami
7, 2012

Cleveland Orchestra expands it’s outreach to Miami, Florida has patrons asking why; Deutsche Oper forced to reschedule Hitler’s favorite opera.

Young musicians with military parents to be spotlighted

From the Top debuted on 100 stations in 2000
10, 2012

Showcase for America’s best young musicians teams with the Military Child Education Coalition in search of young talent; The 10 most talented kids in Classical music; Gustavo Dudamel’s Mahler madness?

Gustavo Dudamel Brings Venezuela’s El Sistema to U.S.

Gustavo Dudamel
5, 2011

Former Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra conductor…Bard College, launch music education initiative; Abusive conductor shown the door; Is the tyrannical conductor a thing of the past?

Classical Music Meets Social Media

Pacific Symphony performs at their Summer home in the Verizon Wireless Center
9, 2011

The Pacific Symphony orchestra last month encouraged audience members to please turn on their smart phones and tweet or text during an outdoor concert. Apparently, it’s working.

Vote for Gramophone’s 2011 Artist of the Year

computer-generated graphic of a diagonal row of golden alien-like voters, each dropping a white ballot into a red voting box
Mark your ballot for Gramophone magazine's Artist of the Year
1, 2011

Tradition dictates that classical music listeners get a chance to vote for Gramophone magazine’s Artist of the Year. Vote for your favorite classical artist today!

Carlos Chavez: Sinfonia India

carlos chavez
A portrait of Carlos Chavez taken in 1937.
5, 2011

Tune in to Classical 101 today between 4 and 5 p.m. to hear Sinfonia India by Mexican composer Carlos Chavez.

This Weekend ProMusica Chamber Orchestra Will “Think Denk”

pianist jeremy denk
Pianist Jeremy Denk will join the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra for a performance of Beethoven's First Piano Concerto.
April 8, 2011

Pianist Jeremey Denk will perform music of Beethoven with the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra this weekend.