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You’re Playing the Four Seasons AGAIN?!

9, 2013

According to violinist Daniel Hope, the average person recognizes, however poorly hummed, the second theme of Spring from the Four Seasons. On the other hand, Igor Stravinsky summed up the case for the other side when he quipped, “Vivaldi wrote one concerto, 400 times.”

Writer Goes On ‘Listening Diet’ To Learn To Love Some Music

30, 2013

Adam Baer says that his deep. dark secret is that there is quite a bit of music he “cannot stand.” He decided to go on a listening diet in an attempt to change his tune.

Who is this Vivaldi Guy?

Engraved portrait of Antonio Vivaldi
A portrait of Antonio Vivaldi in 1725.
January 14, 2011

Italian virtuoso Antonio Vivaldi was forgotten for some time before his manuscripts were discovered.