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Morning Roundup: Should Orchestra Programs Be Made By Committee?

Ormandy drawing
A drawing by Alfred Bendiner of Philadelphia Orchestra Music Director Eugene Ormandy and symphony musicians, ca. 1952.
14, 2011

Today’s Classical Headlines: the Philadelphia Orchestra’s strategic plan raises some eyebrows, more on orchestra contract negotiations in Pittsburgh and Montreal, and is Pierre Boulez a hero or a villain?

Take Our Quiz: How Is Eugene Ormandy Related to Yogi Berra?

a caricature of yogi berra
Eugene Ormandy and Yogi Berra both expressed themselves in colorful, if not always quite accurate, ways.
June 7, 2011

Eugene Ormandy is best remembered for his 42-year run as conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, but unless you are a musician you may not know of another aspect of Ormandy…the creative way in which he expressed himself verbally, not unlike baseball great Yogi Berra.