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How to Attract New Classical Audiences: Food and Beer, Of Course

Columbus Commons
Fountain at High Street entrance of Columbus Commons. The Columbus Commons is offering a number of lunchtime concerts throughout the summer.
21, 2011

Today’s news round-up: there’s more to pianist Rudolf Buchbinder than music, lunch and music on the lawn in downtown Columbus, some say it’s time to overhaul non-profits and Kansas says no to state funding for the arts

The Arts are Thriving in Columbus

The Art Sculpture in Columbus
The Arts are Still Thriving in Columbus
23, 2009

Here’s a quick, and by no means exhaustive, list of what has been happening in the art in Columbus, Ohio in the past twelve months, during the worst recession we can remember.

The Role Music Could Play in the Lives of our Children

Door with 'Music' printed on it
For our children, music in schools is a hit or miss proposition.
4, 2009

Boyce talks about the necessity of music education