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Would You Be Disappointed By A Concert of “Pretty Music?”

program autographed by Anne-Sophie Mutter
A recent NY Times review of a concert by Anne-Sophie Mutter lambasted the violinist for performing a program of nothing but "pretty music"
7, 2011

Anne-Sophie Mutter is lambasted for performing “pretty” music. Is there anything wrong with a concert of purely “pretty music” once in a while? Discuss.

Classical Haiku: Claude Debussy

April 25, 2011

Today’s Classical Haiku goes to Debussy, whose music takes us to an island paradise – if only in our minds.

George Gershwin’s Enormous Legacy

George Gershwin at Piano
George Gershwin, taking jazz into the hallowed concert halls
3, 2006

Boyce Lancaster talks with Maestro Albert-George Schram, former staff conductor of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, about George Gershwin’s enormous legacy.