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The Portland Cello Project
The Portland Cello Project
March 11, 2014

The Portland Cello Project has taken on a life of its own, bringing its unique, eclectic musical mix and collaborations with other types of performing artists to bars, live music venues, loading docks and other places cellos – and classical music – never dreamed they’d go.

Escher String Quartet Live on Classical 101, Friday at 11:30

16, 2014

The New York-based Escher String quartet is one of today’s string quartets to watch. Hear a live performance and interview with Escher Quartet 11:30 am Friday on Classical 101.

Podcast: In The Key Of “D”anzmayr — Music Education

David Danzmayr
David Danzmayr
December 31, 2013

During my ongoing conversation with new ProMusica Chamber Orchestra Music Director David Danzmayr and Executive Director Janet Chen, we began looking at the future of Classical music, both in our country and elsewhere. The conversation, as you might expect, turned to children and music education.

Podcast: In The Key Of “D”anzmayr — Unique Concert Ideas Part 2

David Danzmyer
December 12, 2013

Recent seasons have presented examples of concerts, such as percussionist Colin Currie and recorder soloist Michala Petri, which represent the ongoing mission of ProMusica…to perform the best that Classical music has to offer, while seeking out new works and new ideas to keep the concert experience fresh and interesting.

NYC Street Orchestra Invites Random Passersby to ‘Conduct Us’

4, 2013

An orchestra set up shop on the streets of New York City. A music stand on the conductor’s podium held a sign reading, “Conduct Us.” And so they did.

Friday Fun: A Big “Halleluja” for a Canadian Food Court

25, 2013

Just in time for the holidays: Sing along with this classical music flash mob.

Playing Musical Instruments Makes You Think Fast, Saves Your Brain

Color photograph of four round embroidery hoops, each containing cloth embroidered with the profile of a brain
Musicians make for quick thinkers, according to the results of a new study.
2, 2013

Practicing an instrument can make you think faster – for longer.

Not Your Grandmother’s Body Art: Classical Music Tattoos

black-and-white photograph of an eighth-note tattooed behind someone's ear
Take note: tattoos are for classical music lovers, too.
September 19, 2013

Tattoos too lowbrow for those who dig classical music? Nope.

The Emotional Power of Beethoven’s Music

17, 2013

“(Beethoven),” says pianist Jonathan Biss, “can make us feel that he’s reinventing the world.”

Pianist Jonathan Biss on Beethoven As Cultural Hero

Pianist Jonathan Biss talks with Classical 101's Jennifer Hambrick about Beethoven as Cultural Icon.
10, 2013

Last week I told you about concert pianist Jonathan Biss’ online course on Beethoven’s piano sonatas, offered through Coursera in conjunction with the Curtis Institute of Music. The course has 25,000 participants, who log on weekly to hear one of the world’s foremost pianists talk about one of the greatest composers of piano music.