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Happy Birthday to Stravinsky With Gorgeous Photos From His Ballets

17, 2014

Take a look at Life Magazine photographer Gjon Mili’s stunning photographs of Stravinsky ballets danced by the New York City Ballet.

Music Can be Both Cause and Cure for What Ails You

16, 2013

Does Mozart make you smarter? Maybe or maybe not…but he and others apparently DO help you concentrate.

The Great American Symphony

8, 2013

We’ve just celebrated Independence Day, which means most of us had a good dose of All-American music by the likes of Sousa, Copland, and Gershwin. Now seems a good time to take this one step further and look at the larger American music landscape.

Lakes, Filling Stations and More on Saturday’s The American Sound

Black-an-white photograph of an old-time gas station.
Tune in to hear music from Virgil Thomson's ballet "Filling Station" on The American Sound, Saturday at 6pm on Classical 101.
4, 2013

This Saturday at 6 p.m. The American Sound features music to bring out the poetry all around us.

Martha Graham Dances Appalachian Spring

24, 2011

The phenomenal Martha Graham dances her own creation.

Paul McCartney’s Ballet, Ocean’s Kingdon, Premiered in New York

Paul McCartney
September 28, 2011

Paul McCartney’s ballet Ocean’s Kingdom premiered in New York last Thursday evening.

Dancing Delibes: Unusual Choreography Plucks Up Pizzicato Polka

2, 2011

You’ve heard the delightful Pizzicato Polka from Leo Delibes’ ballet “Sylvia.” Here it is all suited up in John Neumeier’s plucky choreography.

Would You Rather See Opera (or Ballet), or Cirque du Soleil?

photograph of two clown characters from Cirque du Soleil
Can opera and ballet compete with Cirque du Soleil?
27, 2011

In an age of cheap thrills, does emotional depth have a place in entertainment?

How Mozart Got Stiffed: The Story of Les petits riens

posed photograph of Baroque dancers
How dancers might have looked in Mozart's day.
22, 2011

Here’s some fun video of the choreography for Mozart’s only ballet, Les petits riens. The choreography got rave reviews from the Parisians. Too bad Mozart was neither listed in the program nor paid for his music.

A Symphony And A Ballet For Igor Stravinsky’s Birthday

Igor Stravinsky and Dancer/Choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky as Petrouchka, c. 1911
Igor Stravinsky and Dancer/Choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky as Petrouchka, c. 1911
June 17, 2011

This Friday evening at 7 p.m. tune-in to Classical 101 for a birthday tribute to Igor Stravinsky including his Symphony in Three Movements and the ballet, Petrouchka.