Syrian Pianist in Search of an Audience

Syrian pianist Racha Arodaky(Photo:
Syrian pianist Racha Arodaky(Photo:

Syrian Pianist Looking for a Bigger Stage for Her Music

Thanks to Norman Lebrecht for bringing the music of Racha Arodaky to our attention.  As strife in Syria continues to roil, Arodaky attempts to make a life and career in France.

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Watch Racha Arodaky play Handel’s Sarabande

…and then there were three?

Recording companies have  been disappearing from the world at an alarming rate.  With the carcass of EMI being fought over by the vultures at Sony, and Universal, it appears the music world will soon fold in upon itself like a dying star.

Independent labels, along with the smallest of the major players, Warner, have criticized the potential deal as bad for both consumers and the on-line market.

Turning the music industry into a two-horse race puts artists and consumers at a huge disadvantage, not to mention new composers and performers.  With classical music already struggling to maintain some visibility on the Grammy stage, this does not bode well.

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Good Vibrations?  How about NO vibrations?

A couple of seasons ago, ProMusica Chamber Orchestra conductor Timothy Russell experimented with a performance sans vibrato.  The pieces on the program had been written in the age before vibrato in performance was in common use.

To our 20th/21st century ears, music without vibrato sounds a bit odd.

Nowadays, vibrato is everywhere.  Well, almost everywhere.  If Roger Norrington is on the podium, expect vibrations to cease.  In a recent concert, however, one reviewer found it rather refreshing.

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