Some Great Mozart: From Darkness to Light

I found some great Mozart on YouTube  from Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute.  This caught my attention as we head from autumn to winter.  The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas brings shorter days and earlier darkness.  Then, after the Winter Solstice on December 21st or so, the days begin to get longer again and there is more light.

When I saw the endings of two of Mozart’s greatest operas on these videos, they suggested a wonderful musical counterpart to this idea: Don Giovanni heading into the infernal realms, and then the return of glorious sunlight and day that ends the fairy-tale opera, The Magic Flute.

I hope you enjoy these.  They are wonderful performances from great productions of a few years back.  Above Samuel Ramey and Kurt Moll as the Don and the Commendatore.

And here, daylight returns at the end of The Magic Flute:

For good measure, here’s the entire overture from that fine production with James Levine in healthier days, conducting the Met Orchestra in top form: