Riccardo Muti Never Misses a Beat During Concert Scuffle

Riccardo Muti(Photo: Chicago Symphony)
Riccardo Muti(Photo: Chicago Symphony)

Fistfight in Elite Seats Stuns Symphony Patrons

As Riccardo Muti and the Chicago Symphony approached the end of the second movement of Brahms’ 2nd Symphony, the auditorium grew so quiet, you could detect the rustle of clothing.  Meanwhile, a discussion about seating was rapidly escalating in one of the reserved boxes.

When one patron punched another during the argument, the noise was so loud that a large number of concert-goers went dashing for the exits in a panic.

Muti paused a little longer than usual between movements, shot a dagger-filled glance over his shoulder, then proceeded with the performance.

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 Stephen Sondheim on Musical Revisions

The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess is a big hit at the Richard Rodgers Theater, where it opened in January. However, this heavily revamped version of the Gershwin classic has provoked outrage from a minority of Gershwin lovers who assert that the changes went much too far.

Stephen Sondheim, an outspoken critic from the very beginning, gives his take on guidelines for changing another composers work…especially one as well-known as Porgy and Bess.  What do you think?  How far is too far?

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Cellist Zoe Keating Creates Music on the Fly

On her website, Zoe Keating is referred to as a “one-woman orchestra.”  When the curtain opens she is alone onstage, save for her cello, and lots and lots of electronic gear, as she paints layer upon layer of an aural landscape.

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