Pittsburgh Symphony Launches YouTube Search for Soloist

Want to Play with the PSO?  Let the Posting Begin!

You are a talented musician.  You’ve toiled endlessly perfecting your craft, but you just can’t seem to land an audition.

Well, now you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.  The Pittsburgh Symphony has just launched  a soloist search to be conducted on YouTube.

Read PSO Launches Internet Contest for Guest Soloist (pittsburghsymphony.org)

Louisville Orchestra Musicians Offered Arbitration

While the Pittsburgh Symphony trolls the internet for the next Sarah Chang, the Louisville Symphony is just trying to keep body and soul together.  The orchestra’s management has offered the musicians binding arbitration in an attempt to settle their nearly year-long dispute.

Read Louisville Orchestra offers arbitration (Courier-Journal)

SOTA12 Co-Curator Hannah Nicklin Calls 2011 UK Riots “flashmob”

In an attempt to “analyze” flashmobs, which have become popular marketing devices, Hannah Nicklin has managed to alienate a huge percentage of readers in the U.K.  SOTA12 is State of the Arts: Artists Shaping the World…England’s Arts Council’s national conference for the arts and culture sector.  While the conference may be doing great things for arts in the world, this piece may obscure everything else it’s trying to do.

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