Pianist Helene Grimaud: Great Things Come In Small Packages.

Helene Grimaud(Photo: Mat Hennek)
Helene Grimaud(Photo: Mat Hennek)

Grimaud Marches To Her Own Beat

In a New Yorker article, pianist Helene Grimaud is characterized as “a bold re-inventor of phrasings.”  This is a polite way of saying she does what she wants and invites you to come along.

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Watch Grimaud perform Beethoven


Helene Grimaud/Claudio Abbado Lock Horns Over Cadenza

When Helene Grimaud showed up to record Mozart’s 23rd Piano Concerto with Claudio Abbado, she brought a cadenza written by Ferruccio Busoni.  Problem was, Abbado wanted her to use Mozart’s cadenza.  She dutifully recorded both, then subsequently blocked the recording when Abbado chose to use the Mozart.  Grimaud admits, “Compromise, it has to be said, was never my forte.”

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Building a New Classical Music Audience

As much as I enjoy speaking to young people about classical music…they don’t want to hear it from me, any more than they want to hear it from their parents.

When our audience started to age, it started to shrink. We need to rebuild it, and one way to start is for young classical musicians to market themselves to people their own age

According to Greg Sandow, music critic, teacher, and writer, they need to hear it from people their own age.