Bach on Mandolin and Villa-Lobos Guitar Concerto on Fretworks

Chris Thile holding a mandolin.
Chris Thile
December 4, 2014

On the next Fretworks, we’ll hear Bach played on the mandolin by Chris Thile, music from the first ever guitar concerto recording from the New York Philharmonic with Sharon Isbin, and music of the holidays from guitarists Giovanni De Chiaro and John Stover.

Ohio State’s 22nd Annual Celebration Concert

OSU's 22nd Annual Celebration Concert
Over eight ensembles will take the stage, (and even the aisles) during this year's Celebration Concert at OSU's Mershon Auditorium. It is the highlight of the year for the School of Music for good reason.
4, 2014

The Ohio State School of Music will be presenting the 22nd Celebration Concert this Friday, December 5. The concert will feature ensembles such as the Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Choir, Men’s and Women’s Glee, Jazz and Percussion ensembles, numerous solo performances, and a conglomeration of forces for Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” large enough to rock the Oval. [...]

NY Times Reporter-Turned-Cellist’s Memoir Salutes Late-Starters

color image of the cover of Ari L. Goldman's book
Ari L. Goldman's memoir "The Late Starters Orchestra" is a love story about music, family and dreams that come true in their own perfect ways.
December 4, 2014

Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick reviews one of the great musical books of 2014: The Late Starters Orchestra, a musical memoir by former New York Times reporter-turned-amateur-cellist Ari Goldman, is a beautiful about loving and living the dream – whatever that dream may be and however unlikely it may seem – at midlife and beyond.

Friday is Opera Day on Classical 101

Christopher Purdy holding an Opera Day sign
Christopher Purdy hosts Opera Day Friday on Classical 101.
December 3, 2014

Don’t miss Opera Day on Classical 101, Friday, December 5 beginning at 9 am.

In the Key of ‘D’anzmayr: Mess or Masterpiece?

_MG_3209_DavidDanzmayr-Edit_300dpi-1 (1280x853)
ProMusica Music Director David Danzmayr
3, 2014

Mozart’s original music manuscripts could be framed as art…Beethoven’s sometimes appear to have been used as drawing paper by a pre-schooler.

Are There Enough Women in U.S. Orchestras?

color photograph of the brown brick facade of the Chicago Symphony Center
The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is one of the major U.S. orchestras represented in gender equity data gathered by composer and blogger Suby Raman.
2, 2014

Composer and blogger Suby Raman recently published data that suggests there are significant gender disparities among the musicians in America’s major orchestras. Should we make a concerted effort to overcome these disparities? And if so, how?

“Herbei, o ihr Gläubigen!” with the Columbus Maennerchor

The Columbus Maennerchor
This Sunday the Columbus Maennerchor, Damenchor, Kinderchor, and Jugendchor will perform at St. Mary's Catholic Church in the German Village at 4:00 pm.
2, 2014

The longest active German choir in North American, the Columbus Maennerchor is hosting a concert this Sunday at St. Mary’s in German Village.

My Favorite Christmas CDs

renee christmas
Renee Fleming. you gotta love her.
December 2, 2014

My favorite recordings of Christmas music. What are yours? Tell!

Sing for Hope: The AIDS Quilt Song Book

sing for hope
Buy this album December 1st
November 26, 2014

Sing for Hope: The AIDS Quilt Song Book is a new CD produced by Sing for Hope to benefit the American Foundation for AIDS Research. On sale on December 1st, world AIDS day.

What is The Cost of Music?

Placido Domingo receives his honorary doctorate from Berklee College Of Music Valencia.
Internationally-renowned tenor and conductor Plácido Domingo was awarded an honorary doctorate degree of music by Berklee College of Music at its campus in Valencia, Spain on Friday, April 4, 2014.
26, 2014

A colleague sent me a survey this week entitled, “Music Degrees: Are They Worth It?” which piqued my interest. To better inform my opinion on the matter, I did the unthinkable: I began researching how much these degrees cost, and what likelihood there is for a recent music graduate to find a job. Hold on to your hats, folks.