Music (Not) Made in America on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday

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Hear Stravinky's Circus Polk and American-Inspired works by other foreign-born composers on The American Sound, Saturday at 6 p.m.
10, 2014

Artists visiting America have through the ages soaked in the unique richness of American culture and reinterpreted it in new artworks. Saturday evening on The American Sound join Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick for fun, American-inspired music by foreign-born composers.

In the Key of ‘D’anzmayr: Mozart was “The Man”

Boyce Lancaster, David Danzmayr, and Janet Chen share a laugh in the Classical 101 studios
10, 2014

There is something about Mozart which seems to cross the boundaries of country, age, and era.

Play It Again: An Amateur Against the Impossible

play it again
Alan Rusbridger runs an international newspaper and plays the piano for fun(!)
10, 2014

Play it Again, An Amteur Against the Impossible chronicles Alan Rusbridger’s attempt to master a brief and difficult piece by Chopin

The Changing Sounds of Orchestras

10, 2014

Recently, one of the premier American orchestras, the New York Philharmonic, underwent another personnel change that may affect, even if subtly, the sound of that esteemed ensemble.

Concerto of the South on Next Fretworks

10, 2014

Mexican composer Manuel Ponce wrote his Concerto of the South, which features native Mexican rhythms and harmonies combine with the composer’s own original themes will be featured on Fretworks Saturday night at 7pm on Classical 101.

Modern Birthday Gifts For Famous Composers

Anna Bahr Mildenburg
Anna Bahr Mildenburg
July 9, 2014

What would you give Mahler, or Mozart, or Bach for his birthday?

Monster Pianos

9, 2014

Playing piano with your feet…your teacher would have been appalled!

Fourth of July Weekend on The American Sound, 6pm Saturday

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Spend your Fourth of July weekend with The American Sound, 6 p.m. Saturday on Classical 101.
3, 2014

Celebrate the Fourth of July Saturday evening and all weekend long with a musical melting pot on The American Sound, Saturday at 6 p.m. on Classical 101.

American Symphonic Music Featured on Symphony @ 7

2, 2014

For the rest of the week, leading up to the Fourth of July on Friday, I’ll be featuring American composers on Symphony @ 7: Charles Ives, Aaron Copland, Alan Hovhaness and Don Gillis. I started on Tuesday with that American original Charles Ives and his early Symphony No. 2 from 1901.  It’s a relatively conventional [...]

What is Your Favorite Work by an American Composer?

John Knowles Paine (1839-1906)
July 2, 2014

Here are three American composers worth knowing better.