Following the Ninth

Following The Ninth movie poster
Following The Ninth movie poster
January 21, 2015

Kerry Candaele’s new film Following the Ninth shows Beethoven’s great symphony used in response to disasters, man made and otherwise.

Mostly Brahms on Next Classical Showcase

Johannes Brahms in 1853
Johannes Brahms in 1853
January 16, 2015

This evening at 7 on Classical Showcase, it’s mostly Brahms in a concert from Walt Disney Concert Hall with the L. A. Philharmonic that includes the Academic Festival Overture and the Second Piano Concerto.

Mozart Minute: Even Geniuses Get Stressed

image of a portrait of Mozart in which he wears a bright red coat
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January 16, 2015

Was it overwork, perfectionism or a scandal that threatened to derail Mozart’s marriage plans that kept him from finishing the “Haffner” symphony?

Concerto of the South by Manuel Ponce on Fretworks

Album cover of Sharon Isbin.
Sharon Isbin with the New York Philharmonic and Jose Serebrier from 2004.
January 15, 2015

The Concierto del Sur by Mexican composer Manuel Ponce is the big work for the hour on the next Fretworks airing Saturday evening at 7 and Wednesday evening at 7 on Classical 101.

Opera Abbreviated Podcast: The Merry Widow

Renée Fleming as Hanna Glawari in Lehár's The Merry Widow.
Renée Fleming as Hanna Glawari in Lehár's The Merry Widow.
January 15, 2015

Opera Abbreviated tells you everything you need to enjoy this week’s live in HD broadcast of Lehar’s The Merry Widow.

Rolando Villazón’s Resume: Tenor and Cartoonist?

15, 2015

Tenor Rolando Villazón had a congenital cyst lodged in his left vocal fold, something you go after with a scalpel…something which causes everyone who uses their voice for a living to recoil in horror. Good thing he had a backup plan.

Tristan and Isolde or Iseult

tristan iseult
Tristan, Iseult and the poisoned wine
January 15, 2015

Frank Martin’s “Le vin herbe” is a shorter and sparser version of the legend of Tristan and the poisoned wine he drank with Iseult.

Concerts in New Spaces

nso dance club
Dancing in the Dark: The National Symphony at Echostage
14, 2015

Concerts are moving out of the concert halls. Will this attract new audiences?

Composer Breaks Through in Hollywood – at 85

14, 2015

To put Stephen Sondheim’s musical world into Central Ohio terms, he’s the one wearing a tuxedo at the tailgate party.

When is a Young Musician ‘Ready’ to Play Certain Compositions?

ProMusica Cellist Nathaniel Chaitkin and some new friends
12, 2015

Do we give classical music too much respect?