Opera is for the Birds – At Least Those That Can Carry a Tune

Animals never cease to amaze me.  For many years, my wife and I an African Grey parrot.  One thing you learn very quickly is to be very careful what you say and what kind of language you use.  Inevitably, Greystoke would never utter what you tried to teach him, but then would come out with random things he found entertaining.

He would carry on one side of a phone conversation, beep like the microwave, echo the muffled bark of the neighbor’s dog, and had the occasional cough or sneeze.  He could also be annoyingly persistent.  He would ask for a chip, which he referred to as a chipper, his favorite treat.  If I said no, he’d ask again.  If I said no again, he’d pause for a moment…”Cracker?”  He figured he’d just go for plan B.

Therefore, it came as no surprise when Classical 101 Program Director Beverley Ervine found videos of parrots who sang opera…or at least gave it a go.

I invite you to sing along.

Watch Six Parrots That Can Sing Opera Better Than You