Opera at the Vegetable Stand

It started out like an ordinary November day at the Central Market in Valencia, Spain. Fruit and vegetable vendors displayed their wares and rang up customers at cash registers, and customers ambled though, picking up brightly hued produce for the day’s meals.

But then a fruit vendor broke out in song to the accompaniment of a nearby electric keyboard. And not just any song, a selection from Giuseppe Verdi’s opera La Traviata, which then a soprano joined. Then another tenor and another soprano came in. Then still more singers entered, handed out glasses of champagne to the assembled crowd of onlookers and began singing the opera’s famous drinking song. Then they started waltzing with spectators. Right there, in the middle of the Valencia Central Market.

I don’t know what they all did next, but I assume some of them went home.  After all, the day could only go downhill from there. Anyway, don’t take my word for it; watch the video above and see for yourself. Then tell me you wouldn’t love to see something like this happen in Columbus.