On-Stage Accident Results in Conductor’s Tragic Death

Noted Swiss conductor and pianist Carl Robert Helg died last weekend from injuries suffered in an accident on the stage of the Baden State Theater, in Karlsruhe, Germany.

According to a German police spokesperson quoted in the Wiesbadener Tageblatt, there are indications Helg’s death may have been a suicide. Helg fell from the theater’s lighting bridge.

Helg held conducting positions at many noted European musical institutions, including the opera houses of Zurich, Basel and Hildesheim. In 2000, he helped to found the Burg-Hohenstein Opera Festival. In 1997 he was appointed choral and orchestra conductor at the Karlsruhe theater, where the accident occurred.

  • Misha 1947


    • Misha 1947

      Ooops! Sorry, my old eyes aren’t what they used to be.

  • Peter

    I knew Carl Robert Helg personaly. In my optinion the antidepressants triggered his death. Many scientific studies proof that antidepressants can cause suicide tendencies. I think antidepressants should be banned. Many children, man and woman died already from taking this “medications”. I am pretty sure that Mr. Helg would never have killed himself if he wouldn’t touch antidepressants.

    • Peter

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