Nora The Piano Cat Gets a Concerto

Nora the Piano Cat(Photo: Burnell Yow)
Nora the Piano Cat(Photo: Burnell Yow)

Well, it’s just one of those things I noticed on a Friday afternoon. Nora The Piano Cat not only has her own YouTube videos of herself playing, but now a composer has written a concerto for her as well.

You might, or might not, be aware that Nora the piano playing cat was quite a hit awhile back. Here’s a reminder:

It turns out that Lithuanian conductor, composer, and artist Mindaugas Piecaitis composed and directed the “CATcerto For Nora The Piano Cat and Orchestra,” in which Nora, the soloist, was brought in via video. The world premier was performed by the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra in Lithuania on June 5th of this year.

While I think there was quite a bit of editing to get Nora’s part purr-fectly synchronized,  her paw work is quite impressive and her feline nonchalance elicits a hearty meow of approval. And, oh yes, the orchestral part played by the humans is a pretty nice piece of work, too. Enjoy: