New York, New York

Yes I know the tragedy killed people in Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.

But then, there’s New York.

It’s the capital of the world, in my opinion. My adopted home town-the city where I made friends I have to this day and where my daughter was born.

So on this solemn weekend, I want to celebrate New York

Okay, Frank was from Hoboken. I wasn’t born in New York, either.

Frank should have been born in the Gotham. He owned the town, as did Jules Munshin and the peerless Gene Kelly:

And then there’s Woody Allen. Lately he’s de- camped away from the angst and chazerei to the beauty-and blah-of Europe. But remember this?

I went to NYU’s business school (don’t ask) three blocks from the Towers. What happened to the deli where we all got lunch, to the five newspaper stands on one corner?

I will always love New York.