New International Opera Awards Established in Britain

Inside the Vienna State Opera(Photo: Ethan Prater (Flickr))
Inside the Vienna State Opera(Photo: Ethan Prater (Flickr))

Opera magazine and businessman Harry Hyman have launched what Hyman calls “the first truly international set of prizes in the operatic world,” according to The Stage.

The first prize ceremony of the International Opera Awards will take place April 22 in London, England. A panel of opera experts will sift through the more than 1,500 nominations from 41 countries to award prizes for accomplished performing as well as to financial supporters opera and creators of innovative programming initiatives. Opera magazine readers will also have a chance to weigh in on a readers’ award.

Opera editor John Allison told The Stage that the awards’ mission is to reward excellence in the operatic field and to encourage emerging artists:

Driven by the feeling that true excellence in opera is seldom celebrated enough and that new and emerging artists need all the support they can get, The Operas (as we hope they will come to be known) will address both these needs while bringing together leading members of the ‘industry’ and its supporters.

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