Netherlands Orchestra Tops Charts With Protest Song

Metropole Orkest(Photo: Metropole Orchestra)
Metropole Orkest(Photo: Metropole Orchestra)

Metropole Orchestra Fights Possible Extinction

In a report filed by Norman Lebrecht, one of the Dutch orchestras threatened with extinction by 50% government cuts has rallied some of the country’s best-known pop singers to support its survival with a protest track. Amazingly, the song has just gone to number 1 in the singles charts.  Conductor Edo de Waart had this to say:

I am ashamed to have to tell people abroad, and try to explain the reason behind it. Nobody understands it. It is destructive. I am horrified and totally against it, by 100,000%.

Many times in my life until now, I have gladly shown up to help the arts to stay afloat.

Each time there had to be a reduction, each time an orchestra had to go or even two orchestras at a time, or be made smaller, or put on a lower budget. And I always wondered if this trend would ever stop. Of course the answer is ‘no’, that is clear. But what is happening now is an assault that I have not witnessed in the 50 years of my career. It is so unbelievably stupid and idiotic.

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Millionaire’s Will Sparks Orchestra Battle

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon Lezion are in a pitched battle over millions left in the will of a New Jersey gemology expert.  One says he regularly attended their concerts…the other says he visited their city often and may have come to a performance.  Who will get the millions?  Attorneys.

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Recreating a Strad

Instrument makers have made many attempts to duplicate the Stradivarius sound in modern instruments.  One has now apparently been recreated using a blueprint made with a CAT scanner.  Some are applauding the progress, others are saying it’s a waste of medical technology.

What do you think?  Should we be using this technology to try and build a better violin?

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