Music for Moving This Saturday on The American Sound

Above: Historic video clips of people dancing the classic American cakewalk.

Americans like to move. We’re always going somewhere – to work, to the mall, to a new city, to a foreign county – you name it, we’re heading there.

And there’s no better time to move than in the dead of winter. Pent-up and cabin-bound, our winter selves itch to get out – or at least, if we must remain indoors, to get down.

On The American Sound this Saturday evening at 6 pm we’ll do our fair share of getting down and getting out with high-octane dance music by Aaron Copland and music from the Golden Age of that classic American dance form — the cakewalk. We’ll also take a trip through some quaint New England towns with the music of Charles Ives. Who knows? Your feet might just find themselves tapping.

Join me Saturday at 6 pm for music to move to on The American Sound on Classical 101!