Music for Guitar, Flute, Lute, Violin, and Cello on Fretworks

This Saturday evening on Fretworks, we have music for a variety of instruments: solo guitar, lute accompanied by violin and cello, flute and guitar, and an English guitar concerto.

We’ll hear music from the final flourishing of the lute in the 18th century, before it’s big comeback in the 20th century with the renewed interest in early music.  Bernhard Joachim Hagen (1720-1787) was a German composer, violinist and lutenist who worked in Bayreuth and seems to have been especially appreciated for the high quality of his lute music.  We have his Lute Sonata in C, which has violin and cello accompaniment.

Pepe Romero will play several short pieces, including waltzes by the fine 20th century Venezuelan composer for the guitar, Antonio Lauro, and flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal will join guitarist Rene Bartoli for a sonata by the French Baroque composer Jean Baptiste Loeillet.

The big piece for the hour is the Guitar Concerto from 1959 by Sir Malcolm Arnold.  It is described as, “tak[ing] jazz as its idiom whilst using Greek modes as the basis for melody and harmony.”  We’ll hear Eduardo Fernandez as soloist in our performance.  The concerto was written for Julian Bream and we have a YouTube video of him playing it above.