Mozart, Mandolins, and Debussy on Next Fretworks

Different types of Mandolins(Photo: Wikipedia)
Different types of Mandolins(Photo: Wikipedia)

The next Fretworks broadcast Saturday evening at 7 features Mozart, mandolins, and Debussy in the mix.  We will stray a little from the standard classical guitar repertoire with Fidium Concentus, a mandolin orchestra, playing music of 18th Century German composer Carl Stamitz.

The Mozart will be an arrangement from the early 19th Century guitarist composer Fernando Sor and his Six Airs From Mozart’s The Magic Flute, demonstrating that Mozart’s music was as popular then as it is now.  Guitarist Manuel Barrueco will also perform a little Lennon & McCartney, for good measure.

Julian Bream and John Williams will be together for arrangements of Debussy, including the lovely Clair de lune. We’ll also have Kazuhito Yamashita with the Tokyo String Quartet for a quintet by Luigi Boccherini.

Join us for an hour of fine music-making that features primarily the classical guitar, but this week some other strings and mandolins as well.